This is a non-exhaustive directory of products that could be bought for the home and are made in the UK (or at least appear to be made in one of the 4 nations England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). You may wish to check yourself to make absolutely sure but all evidence suggests to the products being made in Britain. They are split into categories of the most likely room or area of the home that you will find them. There is clearly going to be some overlap. If you feel there are obvious product gaps or companies missing from within an existing product listing, please get in contact on the email listed at the base of the page with your suggestion. All comments are copyright.

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Product Website Commentary

Washing Machine

Fridge /Refrigerator

Seemingly assembled in the UK.
Oven See also
Radio N/A is designed in the UK but made abroad. Probably as good as you are going to get for UK made.

A handful of Roberts Radios may be made in UK.
Clocks/Alarm Clocks
Roger Lacscelles say 70% of products made in the UK (as of 2018).
Kettle N/A Dualit make Kettles but not in the UK. They only make Toasters in the UK.
Coffee Maker (on Fracino seem more aimed to the commercial market. Dualit are a UK company that produce coffee machines but the product is made abroad so probably closest to a UK consumer product.
Kitchen Cupboards/Cabinets
Mixture of price ranges in these companies.
Fitted kitchens
Tiles (floor)
and anything on
Wikipedia Link
Other China
Pots and Pans
Baking Trays and

Samuel Groves baking trays
Baker and Salt trays can be bought on
and other Wham baking trays on For Silverwood, and
Fruit baskets
Wicker baskets
Grater Wham Grater
Measuring Jug Wham Measuring Jug
Peelers Wham peelers
Samuel Groves peelers
Can opener Wham can opener
Masher Wham masher
Whisk Wham whisk

Samuel Groves whisk
Mop Addis Mop
Addis Map at The Range

Robert Scott Mops
Robert Scott mops appear to be made in UK.
Measuring jugs
Kitchen Bin Wham Bins and Wham Casa bins on:
and in particular
Scales Waylux scales

Weylux scales

Victor scales
Victor Scales link 1

Victor Scales link 2

Marsden scales

Marsden Scales
Chopping board

Samuel Groves chopping board

Oven Gloves Magimix Spares Oven Gloves
Possibly these as well.
Tea Towel
Table cloth
Kitchen table/Dining Tables ?????
Place mats
Water filters
Plastic containers
Roller blinds
Crystal glasses
Sink unblocker
Washing up brush
Kitchen Paper Waitrose Kitchen towels Other supermarket brands are also Made in the UK. See the packaging.
Booster seat Strata Booster Seat
None of these are UK owned but they do manufacture their products in the UK.


Product Website Commentary
Hayter petrol mowers are made in the uk.
Strimmer ? Garden Power Tools

Can’t tell if this is made in the UK or just made by a UK company.
Table and Chairs
Plastic Garden Chair
Swing Seat
Front door canopies
Haemmerlin/Chillington aren't UK owned but are made in the UK.
Garden Shed (wood/metal)
And plenty of others

Interesting links

anything on with a British flag on the individual product page.
Bird houses
Bird feeder (stand to put feeders on)
Trowels and forks
Spades , Forks , Shovels, Rakes etc can be bought online at Digging Equipment Made in the UK or Buy Richard Carter products on websites such as
Pruners and Shears
Watering Can
(e.g. at )

Rainwater Collector Harcostar Water Butt (e.g. from
Harcostar - Harcostar at Waitrose or Harcostar at Crocus Garland - e,g, Strata - e.g from plus other retailers)
Fruit nets and covers
Pond covers
Hoses , hose heads and sprinklers (buy from Harrod Horticultural or Dobies Copely Link )
Hozelock say they produce 75% of their products in the UK. So a decent chance that the product you buy will be made in UK.
Clothes driers Wallsall Wheelbarrow Clothes Dryer
Pots Whatmore Pots

Garden Storage Box Strata Storage Box Stata Website
( at e.g. Strata Box at Green Fingers )
Barbeque / BBQ is a UK company but makes BBQs in China.

Living Room

Product Website Commentary
Sofa / Sofabeds  (sofabeds and mattresses)
DFS appear to make almost all their fabric sofas in the UK with only the leather ones being more likely to be made abroad.
DVD Player Cello have a TV with a DVD player built in.  
Mobile Phone n/a but see comments

All of these are British Companies but make their phones in China. About the closest thing you'll get .
TV Stand  - alphasons and TTAP

Alphasons can also be found on

Hardwood flooring
There are also UK hardwood flooring manufacturers that sell only to trade.
Curtains and poles Curtains   Poles
Bookcase Folksy Rustic Bookcase   
Coffee Table   
Light Switches  
Lighting Company Made in UK lamps
3D Printer   
Computers  (if you fancy building your own)
Audio equipment 
High end audio
Speakers  ?
BW - High end speakers at least are built in UK. Zeppelin and headphones made abroad.
Linn seems to be all UK made.
High end pens  
Candles Wax Lyrical
( ). Also at Dunelm, Homebase, Ocado etc.


Product Website Commentary

Plus see comments around Bensons for Beds
Search for Beds on Bensons for beds website and there is an icon for beds made in UK. Most of them are from the looks of it.
Bed Headboard  

Plus see comments around Bensons
Search for Mattreses on Bensons for beds website and there is an icon for mattresses made in UK. Most of them are from the looks of it.

Cot beds Wayfair Made in UK cotbeds   - presumably given the link they are all made in the UK The Leander products appear to be made in UK?

Ebay cot bed mattress Made in UK - where are these products made?

Cot bed mattress

Babymore foam cot bed mattress  
Wardrobe  (fitted)  (fitted)  (fitted)  (fitted)  (fitted)  (fitted)  (fitted)  (standalone)  (standalone)  (standalone)
Quite a lot of Ercol furniture is made in the UK. Unfortunately it doesn't look easy to identify which is and which isn't.
Chest of Drawers
Carpets See Living Room  
Scales Marsden scales
A large number of John Lewis pillows are made in the uk. Look at each page on the website to see which ones.
Many of the lancashire textiles products are made in the uk.
Curtains and Blinds See section in ‘Living Room’, above.   
Clothes (note though this is website does not state that all of the products are necessarily made in the uk. Also this is a menswear list – primarily)  
Childrens Desk and Stool  
Wallet Smythson wallet
holdall and Co wallet
Woodland Leathers ????
Harris Tweed Bag
Nappy bins Sangentic Nappy bin  
Nappies Pampers Some of them are. It says on the packet which country produced in.
Radiators   ( )
Myson design radiators are not manufactured in the UK but the standard ones are.
Sky light / Lantern roof


Product Website Commentary

Trojan baths available from
Walk in bath  
Shower and shower trays
Shower curtains  
Toilet - Armitage Shanks

Ideal Standard toilets are also made at the same factory.
Sink - Armitage Shanks
Screwfix Armitage Shanks
Tiles  (floor )
See also tiles in 'Kitchens'.
Bathroom cabinets ?
Bath mats
Buddy Shaggy Bath Mat is the name of this matt if the link expires
Bathroom Lights  
Bathroom Plug Unblocker  
Eye Glasses
Dune, Mango, Eyewear Cafe, Pull and Bear, and Crosshatch glasses all appear to be made in the UK as well. Crosshatch also have Sunglasses.
Contact lenses  
Toothpaste Arm and Hammer Toothpaste

Boots Smile Toothpaste   Boots Smile Toothpaste
The below article also suggests that Sensodyne, Aquafresh and Macleans toothpaste is made in the UK. Article on Toothpaste in Telegraph
Mouthwash Oracare mouthwash   Oracare Mouthwash at Sainsburys

Chlorhexidine Mouthwash
Chlorhexidine Mouthwash

Aquafresh mouthwash is made in the UK
Shampoo Waitrose Essential Shampoo and Conditioner   Waitrose Pure Shampoo   Argan shampoo can be bought at, Tesco, Sainsburys etc.  can be bought at - Kids shampoo
Also Murdock Shampoo
Soap Waitrose Essential Soap   Twool ewes milk soap

There are plenty of soap bars made in the UK
Soap Bottle
Whitlock Razors
Blades are Gillette blades which are probably made in Germany.
Shaving foam
The Orange Gillette gel – Fusion 5 sensitive is made in the UK.
Bath gel  
Plasters Robinson Healthcare Plasters
Fastaid can be bought online at for example Fastaid at Healthandcare  or

Steroplast can be bought online at for example
Steroplast buy at
Nail Scissors
can also be bought at
After shave / Cologne
Yardley also make other products
Make up

Wearth London Make up
Boots no7 appears to be made in the UK.
Some Rimmel products are made in the UK. Check the packaging.
Some Maxfactor is also made in the England. See packaging.  
Make up remover Neal’s Yard Make up Remover   Neal's Yard Make Up Remover   No7 Make up Remover

No7 Make Up Remover from Boots
Anti Ageing Cream Neal's Yard
Neal's Yard anti aging cream

All of these can be found in Waitrose.
General Hand Cream Aveeno Hand Cream

Seams Hand Cream  

Elemis creams
Anti Bacterial Gel Cuticura anti bacterial gel  
Wipes Andrew Wipes
Suntan Cream
Menstrual cup  
Eye Glasses
Dune, Mango, Eyewear Cafe, Pull and Bear, and Crosshatch glasses all appear to be made in the UK as well. Crosshatch also have Sunglasses.
Contact lenses
Potty and Toilet seats


Strata Potty Chair (e.g. at )
Bath and Bath Seats   (e.g. at  


Product Website Commentary
Door stops

Monkey First Door Stop
Anta Inverness Highland Tweed Door Stop 
Baastool door stop  (also has draught excluders) 
Doble and Salisbury doorstop
Jacket Bradleys Tannery Jacket
Suitcase / Travel Bag  (see travel bags)  (see rucksacks - category  'holdalls') design luggage in the UK but presumably it is made abroad. The same is probably true of

Child Suitcases    
Berghaus design in the UK but presumably manufacture abroad.
Wraps and Scarves   
Vacuum Cleaner The 'Henry' vacuum cleaner. Gtech say they will be making some vacuum cleaners in the UK from end of 2018. Not sure if this will be the AirRam though. 
Baby Carriers  
Buggies   Cosatto is a British Company but it doesn't look like their products are made in UK.
Buggy covers    
Mats Mighty Mat
Ironing board  

Garage and Drive

Product Website Commentary
Motorbikes Motorcycle News British Motorcycles  
Bicycles  (folding)  (for kids) article
Bike/Bicycle helmets  
Bike Bags  
Mobility vehicles
Battery - Home Energy Storage Unit Electric Vehicle Home Energy Storage Unit  
Car seats  (certain Britax Car Seats are made in UK - see link).